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Hitch Height

Hitch Height is a critical factor when ordering an EZ Carrier. We strongly recommend you have your trailer hitch installed prior to ordering an EZ Carrier so that you can ensure compatibility with your vehicle.

Hitch Height is the measurement from the ground to the bottom of the opening of your trailer hitch

Our Manual EZ Carriers are designed to be positioned between 12"-14" from the ground when loaded. This optimal height is decided by two factors.

1. Ramp Angle of Incline: This is the angle of the ramp between the ground and the carrier. We recommend avoiding an angle of incline higher than 15%. 

2. Reduction of Drag: To avoid dragging on steep roads, driveways, and bumps, we recommend that your EZ Carrier be 12" or above when loaded. 

Problems and Solutions:

Trailer hitch outside of 12"-14": Purchase our EZC 3 Height Adjustable Model which will allow you to adjust the height of your carrier up or down 1",3", or 5". We can also provide custom drop/rise adapter heights at your request. 

Having trouble loading/carrier too high to load: Try our EZ Loader Accessory. It cuts the intial angle of incline in half and makes loading much easier. It was designed for assisting center drive power chairs with loading but is helpful no matter what you are loading.

Having trouble with EZ Carrier dragging: Try our Anti-Drag Wheel Accessory. It helps reduce dragging. Also, you might try to take steep driveways or large bumps at an angle if possible. This tends to help. *Keep in mind that if the rear suspension of your vehicle may not necessarily be designed for this application. This is especially true of small cars and sedans. It is possible to see your suspension drop several inches when your medical device is loaded. You may need to upgrade the rear suspension of your vehicle, especially if you have a heavy medical device. 

What's Next: learn more about your Hitch Class and your Tongue Weight

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