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Understanding Your Medical Device

Understanding your medical device is critical when considering the purchase of an EZ Carrier. Here are some things to think about:

What is the weight of your medical device?

Whether you have a scooter, a power chair, or a wheelchair it is important for you to know the actual weight of your device in order not to exceed our weight restrictions. Keep in mind, your device's actual weight is not the same as the weight capacity.

What are the dimensions of your medical device?

Understanding the diminsions of your mobility device is an important factor when purchasing an EZ Carrier. Our manual carriers have a platform length of 50 inches and a width of 28 inches. The ramp for our manual carrier has a length of 42 inches and a width of 27 inches. The connection between the ramp and the platform is 26.5 inches wide. Our Electric Carriers come standard with a 52x28 inch platform. We also have 42x28 inch platforms available upon request for our Electric Carriers. Please make sure your mobility device's dimensions are compatible with the EZ Carrier you are purchasing. Contact us with questions or for custom size inquiries.  

What to know about your power scooter:

Power Scooters work well with EZ Carriers. Power Scooters tend to be able to climb higher angles of incline with greater ease. They tend to be easier to steer, load, and unload. The drawback to power scooters is they can be large and heavy, and could need to be loaded backward to avoid the seat interfering with the upright position of the ramp when the EZ Carrier is loaded. It is important to check the dimensions and actual weight of your power scooter to ensure compatibility. 

What to know about your power wheelchair:

Power wheelchairs come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Power wheelchairs work well with the EZ Carriers but do have some inherent difficulties. For instance: Due to how the wheels work, these devices can be more difficult to maneuver and may require some practice. Power Wheelchairs with a center drive wheel (also known as 6 wheel power chairs) tend to have the most difficulty loading at higher angles of incline (above 14 inches from the ground). This difficulty comes from the drive wheel losing traction due to the front and rear castor wheels attempting to 'reduce tilt'. This can be overcome by purchasing an EZ Loader Ramp which is specifically designed to reduce the initial angle of incline of your EZ Carrier's Ramp. Power chairs can also be large and heavy. It is important to check the dimensions and actual weight of your power chair to ensure compatibility.

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