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Understanding Your Vehicle

Understanding your vehicle and its capabilities is crucial when purchasing an EZ Carrier. You need to understand what your vehicle was built for, and what it is capable of.  Knowing these two factors will give you an indication of how your vehicle will interact with an EZ Carrier. Remember, each vehicle is different, and even the same vehicle will be vary by the year it was made.

What was your vehicle built for and what is it capable of?

If you have a small car, sports car, sedan, coupe, etc. your vehicle was built for moving people, not hauling things. Your suspension was built more for speed than for strength. Many small vehicles are only rated for a Class I trailer hitch for this reason.  Small cars are just not built for towing heavy loads. Think about what the addition of 200 – 300 lbs. would do to the rear suspension of your vehicle. From experience we can tell you that the results are not always good. Putting too much weight on the back of a small vehicle will over-wear the shocks/suspension and who knows what else. For this and many other reasons, we do not sell our carriers to Class I trailer hitches and we limit the weight capacity of our Class II EZ Carriers to 200 lbs.

If you have a mid-sized sedan, crossover, mini-van, small truck or small SUV your vehicle was likely built for moving people and small to medium loads. Your suspension will be stronger than a small car, but still not what we would consider ‘ideal’ for the use of our products. Always try to get a Class III trailer hitch to increase your Weight Capacity and understand that you may need to upgrade your suspension for use with our products. The addition of Air Ride or other stronger suspensions/shocks/struts will be helpful in the long run and will be better for your vehicle. Remember that the heavier your mobility device is, the more you need to be aware of your suspension and possible necessary upgrades. Consult your local dealership or mechanic for more information on your vehicle and suspensions.

If you have a full sized SUV, Large Van, or Full-size Truck your vehicle was built for hauling people and large loads. Your suspensions are ideal for our products and usually have the best results. The heavier the device, the heavier the suspension will need to be to avoid wear and tear. Keep your trailer hitch height in mind if you have one of these vehicles and make sure you measure, not just guess. Most of these vehicles have a hitch height anywhere from 14-22” or above. Check out the EZC-3 for hitch heights above 14”. We also have extended rise/drop adapters that can be custom made to fit your specific needs.

Safety: When we say that we are concerned with the safety of our customers, their vehicles, and others we mean it.  We always have to consider the worst case scenarios and try to avoid them. Remember, if you use our products inappropriately on the road you could seriously injure yourself and others, as well as your vehicles. Please be safe and if you have questions Contact Us.

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