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Which EZ Carrier is right for you?

We strive to make the purchase of our products as easy as possible. If you are not sure please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.


Use this table to determine which EZ Carrier is right for you


Trailer Hitch Height


Extra Features

Folds Up Power Oversized Platform Available

EZC 1 -

Basic Model



No No No



EZC 2 - 

Fold Up Model




To EZC 3

Folds Up Yes No No

EZC 3 - 


Adjustable Model

Between 8"-22"


Swing Away

Height Adjustable

Level Adjustable

Yes No Yes

EZL 18 -  

Electric Lift

Between 8"-22" 


Swing Away

 Powered  Lift

Manual Fold

Yes Yes Yes
EZCLA - Automatic Folding Electric Lift Between 8"-22"


Swing Away

Powered Lift

Automatic Fold

Yes Yes Yes
Shown with optional accessories Manual EZ Carrier

Determining Hitch Class

Now that you have an EZ Carrier in mind, consider your carrier's Hitch Class and Weight Capacity.

Receiver Hitch

Class Chart

Opening Size 

Weight Capacity
Class I

Not Recommended*

Call and ask about Scoota-Trailers

Class II

1 1/4" 250 lbs.**

Class III

2" 400 lbs.**

Class IV 

2" 400 lbs.**
Class V 2 1/2 400 lbs.**

*Safety Notice: Class I Trailer Hitches have 1 1/4" opening and can easily be confused with Class II Trailer Hitches. Verify you have a Class II Trailer Hitch or above before ordering EZ Carrier Products. 


We do not sell EZ Carriers for use on Class I Trailer Hitches for customer and vehicle safety. Call now to ask about Scoota-Trailer 


**Weight Capacity based on our products weight restrictions not vehicle restrictions

+Electric Lifts have 350 lbs capacity and are made for Class III Trailer Hitches

Need more information? 

We would be happy to discuss our product offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us at (888) 302-2774 or use our contact form.

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